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This was the first time the Lions of SC Sporting played against the Eagles of Benfica Lisboa at Praia D’El Rey. It was a hard fought match yet no bad fouls and little penalties. After a near five hour battle the score was:
Sporting 4 1/2
Benfica 4 1/2
The friendly draw calls for a re-match!

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By News, Tournaments Home

We would like to inform that the government has decreed new confinement measures such as the closure of the golf courses, with effect as off 00h00 on January 20th. We regret to inform that our golf courses at Praia D’El Rey and West Cliffs will be closed until further notice.

We will remain available for any assistance through the usual e-mail addresses: &

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in these troubled times and remain at your disposal for any questions and/or clarifications.

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