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ROBBOTS – Geoff Newton’s Report

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I am sure that some of our members and guests have been wondering what these are! These pair and their mate who cuts the hotel grounds are the latest robots that we are trialing at PDR. They are designed to check the potential increase in the quality of fairways, roughs and surrounds whilst optimizing labor to focus on bunkers, tees drainage, irrigation, landscaping, paths, etc. They also help in what we do not need to replace expensive, old cutting equipment. The larger unit can cut between 10mm and 70mm with precision quality and at a number of different times each day. I think the fairway on hole 5 is now even better than before.

The robots are alarmed and have sophisticated GPS to prevent theft and we are able to run them at night during watering.

The cost effectiveness will be evaluated in a few weeks time.

They do not have names yet and will not steal your golf ball! I hope that you enjoy the benefits of this cutting edge technology.

Enjoy your golf.

Geoff Newton

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